2010 — Life More Interesting


It’s that time of year again. Time when you hear the words, “New Year’s resolution” discussed over coffee by friends, or announced on TV or radio commercials. Resolutions are certainly noble ideas, but as spring approaches how many of us follow through with our plans? Regardless of good intentions, our interest for self-improvement sometimes fades.

So, why does the goal fervor fizzle? It’s possible we become too busy to continue our New Year’s plan. Maybe we start out with a bang, and get tired of or overwhelmed by our power-packed days of activity.

What then is the secret to keeping resolutions? One way is to make achieving your goals fun. When you enjoy what you’re doing, even activities that require effort can make you feel good.

Another way to reach your goals is to be honest with yourself. Promise changes you’re truly interested in making, and understand and embrace the benefits you will gain with your choices. After all, change is healthy, but only if it delivers positive results for you. Finally, with ambitious changes, don’t expect instant gratification. Instead, be active and invest time to get results.

Why not make 2010 your year of change? Think differently, try something you haven’t before — a year filled with new friends, new opportunities, and interesting days is likely to follow.

To start off the New Year consider some of the ideas below, or simply dream what you can do, become, or improve to find your — life more interesting.

  • Keep in better contact or spend more time with family and friends.
  • Find excuses for optimism, and dwell on them.
  • Turn your hobby or professional skills into a small business.
  • Refresh your resume so its prepared before a potential interview.
  • Try a new hobby – oil painting, photography, glass art, chocolate making, kite-flying.
  • Improve well-being with a visit to a spa.
  • Learn to dance, play an instrument, knit a scarf, ride a horse, or use Photoshop.
  • Refresh your home decor.
  • Position yourself positively for the improving world economy — take a class on personal finance or investing.
  • Wake up a little earlier to experience the world in a different way.
  • Get organized. Muck out your desk or home office space.
  • Set aside 20 minutes each day to relax. Breathe.
  • Renew or make a plan to exercise 3 times a week for at least 45 minutes.
  • Start a project that interests you.
  • Give the gift of hope. Do something for someone else – just because.
  • Volunteer time at your favorite charity or religious organization.
  • Let others’ enthusiasm energize you. Join a social or fitness club
  • Spoil your pets with attention. They need you.
  • Get back to nature. Go backpacking or camping.