Colored Sand Art

sand turtle

Looking for a fun family art project this summer? Sand art is a creative, inexpensive activity your kids will love. It’s also possible to do outside, so cleanup is a snap.

What you will need:

colored sandstencil

Find yourself a shady spot (so your sand doesn’t dry out) to do your project. I made my design using a turtle stencil, but you can use virtually any shape. Happy casting!

Step 1. Fill the bottom of the plastic bin with at least 5 inches (13cm) of damp, pebble-free sand.

Step 2. Mound up the sand, and depress the hand press in the center to form a sunken plateau about 1 inch-deep (2.5 cm). Smooth and firm the edges of the crevice.

Step 3. Firmly press the stencil into the center of your plateau surface so it leaves a solid indented pattern, then remove stencil.

Step 4. To make your own unique design, sprinkle different colors of sand inside the stencil pattern until the indent is full. If you don’t have colored sand at home, try this method to make your own.

Step 5. Pour liquid Plaster of Paris over the design, so it fills the entire plateau area. Sprinkle more sand over the plaster, if desired (this is the backside of your creation).

Step 6. Let dry at least 12 hours (if doing your project on a humid day, allow more time to dry). Then, turn the mold upside down to see your finished sand art!

filled stencil patternpouring plaster