Develop the Martial Arts Mindset

martial artists

When you decide to learn one of the many martial arts styles, it’s the beginning of a personal journey. Your training will become your hobby or art, and if your interest grows to a passion you’ll likely become very proficient.

The decision to get started involves finding an instructor or sensei that gives you confidence in their teaching ability. Once you select a teacher, achieving your goals largely means dedicating yourself, mentally and physically, to the study of your chosen martial art.

Most martial arts classes are one to two hours in length. In your spare time, you should practice the techniques that were demonstrated during class to retain a strong mental picture and muscle memory of what you learned.

Being in good physical condition also helps you progress with your training. Running, swimming, or biking are effective supplemental exercises for any martial arts style you choose. Such endurance exercises also benefit your health in general.

As you know by now you are making a commitment to yourself. It takes self-motivation and discipline to train properly. The first two weeks or so are critical to your overall success. The more you practice, the more the routines become self-ingrained or automatic.

You may naturally, perhaps even unconsciously, include the training with your other weekly activities. For example, stretches and warm-up exercises done outside of training time will benefit you.

It’s important to meditate after each workout. This will relax and help you balance your physical activity with your mental development. Your mind controls your actions, so it’s healthy to train your mind to be alert and aware of your surroundings.

Meditationmeditation music can improve your breathing technique and clear your mind, enabling you to focus on your daily physical and mental activities — on and off the training mat.

Have fun while training and always strive to do your best. As your skill grows, you will learn and experience the satisfying benefits derived from your training. Greater athleticism, coordination, confidence, patience, and mental discipline are some attributes gained through martial arts training.