Download Multiple Podcast Episodes on iTunes


If you use iTunes (version 10 or earlier) for listening to free podcasts or watching free seminar videos from iTunes U, you’ve probably noticed that some podcasts contain many episodes. Maybe you want to download and view all the episodes, but you don’t want to click on each individual track.

Here’s a simple way you can download all episodes of a podcast with a few quick clicks.

Note — if you are using iTunes 11, try these tips. For those with iTunes 12, we have updated instructions here.

1. Go to the iTunes store and find a podcast to download.

2. Next to your chosen podcast, click the button, “SUBSCRIBE FREE.”

3. You may get a popup asking you if you’re sure you want to subscribe. Click the “SUBSCRIBE” button to confirm.

4. iTunes will now start downloading the latest episode to your computer. You should see a rotating icon by the Downloads folder in the left-hand menu.

5. Look in your iTunes Library (also in the left-hand menu), and you should see the podcast you just subscribed to. Double-click on the podcast.


6. A new view opens and you can see all the available podcast episodes, as well as the “GET ALL” button at the top of the view.

If you want to download all episodes to you computer, click the “GET ALL” button and all episodes will be queued for downloading. You should see the rotating icon again next to Downloads in the left-hand menu.