Food Tastings — An Opportunity for Savory Discovery

food_festivalHow healthy is your food memory? If you know which foods you enjoy eating and why, it’s a good start. Not everyone does.

You need not be a connoisseur to appreciate the wine’s bouquet, or the sweet and smoky heat of poblano chilly sauce. But, if recollection fails, visit a food-tasting fair to rediscover what you love about the foods you love. Or, simply get to know your own preferences.

Eating should be more than a simple mechanical action or survival instinct—it should be pleasurable. Banish waxing thoughts that meals aren’t worth remembering, or that lunch is merely an interruption of your workday.

Look online or in the newspaper for food fairs in your area, and schedule an afternoon of tasting with friends. Who doesn’t love to eat? Think of it as a self-toured food education, without major time commitment or tuition expense.

The phrase, ‘variety is the spice of life,’ fits well when describing food-tastings or fairs. Foods displayed often vary based on the event location, growing season, and, of course, food presenters attending.

food festival

You can expect foods flavored sweet, savory, tart, and everything in between. Stroll down event aisles lined with booths, and you may sample choices such as: Spanish tapas, cured sausages, spiced olive oils, honey-dipped dark chocolate, fair trade sugar or fudge, bottled veggie smoothies or blended chutneys.

Maybe try a handful of nut coated chocolate coffee beans, petite crackers, or whipped and fruity organic cheeses, or sip loose-leaf exotic-flavored teas, peppery cider, or beer on tap.

Ask presenters questions, and give yourself time to indulge all the palatable possibilities. But, please remember to step to the side once you’ve taken your sample. It can get crowded.

More extravagant tasting fairs may provide onsite entertainment. Fair-goers might see displays with farm animals, or watch cooking demonstrations from professional chefs on the proper use of kitchen knives, or how to filet fish or bake your own bread. Some events have prize drawings, or provide information brochures, free take-home products, or recipes cards.