iTunes 12: Download All Podcast Episodes

itunes 12If you recently upgraded to iTunes 12, you’ve probably noticed the layout is a bit different. So, with the changes, how can you get the full series of your favorite podcast without downloading each episode separately?

We have your answer. The updated, step-by-step instructions for downloading all podcast episodes in iTunes 12.

If you’re here looking for tips on full downloads with iTunes 11 or iTunes 10, just read our previous posts.

Here’s the latest with iTunes 12:

1. Select the podcast you want to download and click the Subscribe button. If you get a pop-up window asking if you are sure, confirm it by clicking Subscribe again.

step 1

2. Click “My Podcasts” at the top of iTunes.

step 2

3. Right click on a podcast title, and select “Download All”.

step 3

4. You will see the full list of episodes start to download (see indicator at the top right of the page).

last step