Letter From The Dog

dogs running

Dear Family Pack:

It’s been a great summer so far. I love playing and splashing in the baby pool, running through those wacky, swirling lawn sprinklers, and keeping our yard free from pesky, neighborhood cats and rabbits. And, though I was reluctant at first, even the shampoo shower you recently gave me with the garden hose felt refreshing afterward. Life is good.

The other day though, I was wondering something. I saw you loading up the car with large plastic coolers and wicker baskets smelling of mouth-watering food. A family trip! I was so exciting, wagging my tail, and waiting for someone to open the passenger door and let me in.

I barked a few times, but I guess no one heard me. Then, somehow in the shuffle, I got left behind. I was bummed that I missed all the fun (imagine my sad, ‘puppy eyes’). The neighbor lady came by our house later, so I decided to keep an eye on her until you returned.

The neighbor was mainly concerned with watching TV and eating (I cleaned up the popcorn she spilled, not to worry), so I had some time to think how I could help plan a family trip for next time.

First let me just say, I am all about road tripping. I love your ride. Besides the wind in my ears, and having my pack with me, it’s just amazing how crazy fast we go — without ever touching our paws to the ground. I don’t understand how, but what a rush!

Whatever you wanna do — walks in the park, mountain hiking, camping, biking (if I can keep up or ride in a basket), jogging along the seashore, playing ball or frisbee at the lake, entering a charity walkathon, fishing, sailing, paddling on the river, maybe even surfing (if you’re a good teacher) — count me in. I’m ready when you are.

I also like trips to the summer cabin, family picnics and reunions, birthday and barbecue parties. I welcome everybody who’s invited. I’m also great with entertaining the smaller pack members. They tend to tire out before I do, usually.

My strategy is simple. I plod along from person to person offering to be petted, and make people smile (I think it’s just natural charisma). I can be funny too, if you do something confusing.

Then, I can keep the critters away from our grub, guard our pack from outsiders (if I’m big enough), and take care of any meat scraps that might attract insects. I can see that they annoy you. I love my job. You can pay me in belly rubs. Did I mention treats?

If you’re worried about where I can sleep while we’re away, there are lots of dog-friendly hotels and vacation rentals around these days. I’ll try to be on my best behavior (hint to the alpha: treats help remind me). I also travel light, eat and drink for cheap, and promise to take quick bathroom breaks.

If we have more time, it would be great to join a dog club with you. Since I’m a social animal, I’m sure I could make friends with the other dogs. Plus, I’ve heard that we’d get to do cool stuff together like group outings, agility tests and obstacle courses sometimes.

What I’m trying to say is, I live to make you happy, and making you happy gives me a sense of purpose. Let’s do more stuff together. My calendar is always clear for you.

I hope I’ve given you some good ideas. Now, wanna go for a walk? How about now?

Luv, me