Letting Go of the Words, Writing Web Content that Works

letting go of the words, book

A book by Janice (Ginny) Redish

Why is writing for the web different than writing for print? How can you bring more visitors to your website, article page or blog? What should you consider when designing web pages?

These, and many other questions are answered in Janice Redish’s book, Letting Go of the Words: Writing Web Content that Works (Interactive Technologies)Letting Go of the Words Writing Web Content that Works by Janice Redish. Redish’s fluid, informative style, and effective use of examples keeps you turning pages, as she presents topics in an honest, and thorough matter.

Whichever style of writing used on your website, providing communications available 24/7 is an opportunity for you to reach more people than ever before possible. The millions who browse the web have different information needs, so what you say, and how you say it is key to drawing an audience to your web pages. Clear, relevant information interests visitors to come back or tell their friends about the useful website they found.

Redish’s book addresses topics such as; How to know your audience, Writing what matters to them, Key words, Tone of voice, Design of elements (buttons, fonts, color, etc.), Organizing information on a web page, Page links, Use of screenshots, images, and tables, Handicap accessibility, and much more.

Don’t mince words. Read “Letting Go of the Words, Writing Web Content that Works,” and learn to unlock the mystic of writing for web. Well-researched, organized, and packed with ideas, this book is excellent for class instruction, or self-learning.

** Janice Redish, Ph.D., is an independent consultant, expert speaker, writing instructor, and award-winning author of many papers and books on technical communications.

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