Nordic Gourmet Crossing


Cruise the Chilly Baltic with Warm Northern Hospitality

If you’ve ever wondered what an authentic Scandinavian smorgasbord is all about, here’s your chance to indulge in fantasies.

Much more than mere transport, Silja Line ferries take passengers on 1 and 2 day excursions from Stockholm, Sweden to destinations such as Helsinki, Finland and locations in Estonia, Latvia, and Germany.

The premier 5 star cruise line has daily departures with all the comforts of a high-class hotel, complete with piano bar, pub with live music and karaoke, ballroom, casino, discotheque, and most of all, divine dining.

Silja line offers trips year-round with designated ships for each sailing route. Friday excursions are generally most popular. For a lower rates, purchase tickets for weeknight departures. Prices are based on destination and the class of cabin reserved.

Be sure to request that a meal voucher is included in your package. The buffet dinner, a delicious highlight of the experience, will have 10% knocked off the price. If you prefer to purchase meals onboard, currency exchange is available at the Information desk for your convenience. Payment with Master Card, Visa, and Euros is accepted on all routes.

Quick Facts:

  • Lang: Swedish, English
  • Currency: SEK, kronor
  • Time zone: GMT +1 h
  • Tel. country code: +46

If relaxation is your goal, order a massage, or ride the glass elevator to the 12th story top deck, don a white robe from the towel booth, and step into a sauna accented with broad-leaved palm trees and several whirl pools.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, take advantage of the duty-free shops on the main floor. It’s the easiest way to find souvenirs for friends and family.

For the grand buffet itself, make your way to the main deck 20 or so minutes before 5 p.m. It’s likely a healthy line will already be forming on the stairs. If you don’t care to wait or dodge hungry children in line, arrive for the evening’s second seating around 8 p.m. Inside the softly lit dining area, tables of exquisitely prepared platters of Scandinavian cuisine await you.

The evening buffet is catered by top chefs, an efficient bussing staff, and roaming waiters ready to assist you. For a fully satisfying experience, eat leisurely and stroll back to the tables often.

Begin with the customary fishplate of thinly sliced salmon with sour cream and dill, pickled herring, or jumbo shrimp. Then, walk over to the cold buffet, full of tender reindeer and roast beef, carved by the slice. Sit back for awhile and sip an ample glass of select wine or beer, and watch other passengers mingle and choose from the array of dishes.

For the main course, point to what you wish, and the attending chef will deliver any one of several dishes which may include; Finnish meatballs with lingonberry sauce, moose, baked, broiled or smoked seafood, Jansson’s temptation (salted fish with potatoes and cream sauce), shellfish, or other seasonal fare.

Next, choose from a variety of freshly baked breads ranging from hearty pumpernickel and Swedish knäckebröd (cracker bread) to multi-grain breads or crusty French baguettes. Do save room for dessert, however. A showcase of sumptuous delicacies such as fresh berry crème cakes, pies, gourmet cheeses, German chocolate cake, fruit sorbet, liquor cheesecake, and sweet gooey pastries simply shouldn’t be missed.