Organize Your Outfits Digitally

digital closet

If you’re someone with a generous closet of clothes or dresser drawers or boxes of chic accessories piling up near your bed, you may find it difficult to pull together that perfect outfit on the fly. Or maybe you need to find those photos of celebrity or designer fashions floating somewhere on your computer.

If this sounds all too similar, then you may want to create a digital clothes closet. In that case, we suggest organizing with iPhoto, which you’re probably already using to store digital camera photos or iPhone selfies on your Mac.

iPhoto automatically tags photos you import by date. However, to organize your wardrobe or wardrobe wishes, tagging your clothing photos with descriptive keywords allows you to pool all your favorite pieces and gives you the possibility to power search later when composing new outfits.

This article explains how to create and organize a digital closet, assuming your clothing pics aren’t already stored in iPhoto (if so, skip step 1).

clothing tags

To never lose sight of your outfit options again, try these simple steps:

1. Open iPhoto on your Mac. In the main menu, choose File > Import to Library, and choose all of your clothing photos.

2. At the bottom right of the iPhoto window, select Add To > Album > New Album.

3. Name your new album, e.g. Digital Closet.

4. Make sure you have keywords enabled. In the main menu, choose View > Keywords.

Now you’re ready to tag photos by description.

5. First, click the Info tab (ⓘ icon) at the bottom right of the iPhoto window.


6. Select each photo, and type descriptive words in the keyword field shown, e.g. color, object, type of fabric, etc. We suggest typing each term separately to improve your search results later, e.g. blue and jeans (two terms) instead of blue jeans (one term).

When you’re wondering which printed skirt and blazer combo to wear for the evening, iPhoto’s search serves up all your options in a snap. Use a keyword search to mix ’n’ match your outfit!

Searching Your Digital Closet

1. Open iPhoto and click on your Digital Closet album.

2. Find the search box at the bottom left of your iPhoto window. Click the down arrow by the magnifying glass icon.

iphoto search

3. Choose Keyword, and select one or more descriptive terms shown (click a choice again to de-select). Note that choosing more terms limits the search results. In other words, the search treats each additional term you select as X “and” Y, not X “or” Y.

4. To search by exact keyword, under the down arrow, choose All. Your search will return clothing photos with only your typed terms.