Scrapbook Your Imagination

scrapbookLiving in today’s crunch time economy doesn’t have to mean letting hobbies fall to the wayside. Scrapbooking is one activity anyone can do on a budget. And, given a little time and imagination, you need not be an artist to create a scrapbook worthy of design envy.

Think of your scrapbook as a time capsule; full of good memories, favorite moments, and ideas that reflect who you are. Share its pages with friends, show your kids, or enjoy flipping through on a rainy day.

Cherish that piles of colored paper, travel brochures, and school newsletters sitting on your desk. These gathered treasures are perfect for scrapbooking. And, for future projects, don’t forget to take home interesting items from events or vacation trips.

Give your scrapbook a theme. Later, planning the page layout or choosing which cut-out designs to make may prove easier. However, if your ideas don’t fit this model, mix-in-match absolutely! Art needs no recipe, so create and organize based on your artistic vision.

Finally, use scrap materials for your scrapbook. This may sound funny, but it’s not always obvious if you look through an art catalogue. One misconception is that you need special art materials, templates, or patterns to make a good scrapbook. Apply a little creativity, and simple becomes grand.

Start your scrapbook by deciding what items fit best with your vision. To spark the flow of ideas, we’ve included a list of low cost supplies and item suggestions, below.

Now the fun begins. Flip through magazines and cut out pictures, words, or articles. Paint water color splotches in random patterns on the page. Fill in white spaces with words or stick figure artwork. Imagine your scrapbook.


Suggestions for Your Scrapbook:

  • photographs
  • travel/hotel brochures
  • any info from hostel stays
  • city/subway maps
  • business cards
  • dance club/bar flyers
  • canal tour tickets
  • travel postcards
  • free cafe postcards
  • postage stamps
  • bus/train/ferry/flight tickets
  • take-away restaurant menus
  • theater/movie tickets or playbill
  • recital schedule
  • newsletters
  • music concert tickets/leaflet
  • song lyrics
  • poetry/witty or wise expressions
  • number tag from a running race/walk-a-thon/triathlon
  • commercial/movie ads
  • museum/castle/casino/aquarium/zoo/amusement park brochures
  • national park map
  • outdoor activities info (ex. kayaking, canyoning, trekking, horseback riding, scuba diving)
  • printed swim/track meet results
  • season’s sport/game schedule
  • calendar or newspaper comics
  • top 10 favorite books/boats/cars list
  • pictures of babies/animals/plants
  • printed web pages
  • newspaper articles with you, friends or family
  • pictures of country flags
  • invitations
  • childhood art projects
  • award certificates/ribbons
  • post-it messages/letters
  • holiday and birthday cards
  • church group leaflets
  • laminated activity pass
  • membership club flyers
  • calling cards
  • recipe cards
  • out-dated passport
  • university brochures/semester schedule
  • high school mementos/prom tickets
  • drink coasters
  • designer napkins