Sweden-Denmark Host Big Electric Car Rally

finishlineMALMÖ, Sweden — On June 2nd, the city hosted the third annual Öresund Electric Car Rally, with approximately 60 cars from Southern Sweden and Denmark taking part. Visitors had the opportunity to check out the sleek, new Tesla Model S sedan, and test a variety of electric vehicles.

The two-day electric car rally began in Copenhagen, and continued through Helsingör, Helsingborg, and Landskrona, finishing in Malmö’s Western Harbor. Participation was open to anyone with access to an electric car.

Vehicles crossed a ceremonial goal line, not to clock impressive speed, but to learn which car made the journey using the least energy, and therefore ran the most efficient ‘race’. Day two of the contest included a modified regularity or TSD (Time Speed Distance) leg.

The rally winners were owner Gordon Strömfelt and driver Andy Rietschel in their Nissan Leaf. The team hails from Easycharge AB, the e-mobility consulting company, which released a 2012 report on the state of electric cars and charging infrastructure in Swedish municipalities.

During the windy Sunday afternoon, car after car rolled silently into parking spots equipped with multi-plug charging stations. Crowds of eager spectators gathered around a large solar power station constructed of wood and giant solar panels that housed a white Tesla Model S, a fully electric luxury sports sedan. Many commented on the spacious vehicle cockpit with large digital screen, and the empty compartment under the hood where an engine normally sits.

Some of the more prominent cars at the rally included a shiny red Tesla Roadster, orange Tesla Roadster, Peugeot iOn, Renault Zoe, brightly decorated Nissan Leaf models, and the Volvo C30 Electric. The Renault Twizy, and hybrids such as the Finnish-made Fisker Karma, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Volvo V60 D6 Plug-in hybrid also made appearances.

Visitors were invited to try out electric rides such as bikes, segway-like scooters, and mopeds, as well as test drive an electric car. Car owners and company representatives were on hand to answer questions about the vehicles. Some of the parked vehicles displayed signs listing specifications such as power consumption, mileage, battery type, and market price.

At the Twizy car display, a woman was overheard asking what type of license was needed to drive one. Was a moped license enough? Yes and no, answered the attendant. The Twizy comes in two models, one requires a regular driver’s license and one an EU moped license.

Visit the Öresund Electric Car Rally website to see a list of participating cars.