Transfer Media from iTunes to Your Nokia Phone

nokia itunes

This article will show you how to easily transfer your favorite music, photos, podcasts, and videos from iTunes (Mac version) to your Nokia phone.

To get started, you need music or videos in your iTunes library, your Nokia phone and a working Internet connection.

1. Download the Nokia Multimedia Transfer tool. Not all phone models are supported. To use the tool, your phone must be among the supported models.

2. Install the tool: unzip the downloaded package, and drop the application into your applications folder (open Finder, and look in the left column for the Applications folder). Double-click the application and follow the on-screen instructions.

To make the best use of the application, here are some settings worth considering:

Select Your Files For Transfer

Click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar of OS X, and select “Device settings…” Under Device settings, you will find several tabs with settings, but there are just a few you need.

icon multimedia transfer arrow

On the Audio tab, check the folders and playlists you want to transfer to your phone. Same goes for the Photos tab, where selected images will be transferred from your iPhoto library.

audio transfer arrow

You can choose to transcode (convert) audio files if they are not supported by default on your phone.

In practice, this means that the application will convert your music and podcast files to the best format that the phone can play.

For best results, select the option “Transcode audio files not natively supported by device.”

You can also choose to resize transferred images, for example to the device screen resolution. This is primarily useful if you have little memory left on your phone.

We usually do not use the photo resizing option, because reduced images have lower resolution than their originals and cannot be converted back to their original size with good quality.

iphoto transfer arrow

On the Video tab, you can choose to transfer videos from iTunes or iPhoto. Here, you select videos to convert to the format that the phone supports.

We also always tick, “Transcode videos not natively supported by device.” In our opinion, this is one of the most useful features.

If you have iTunes videos that you want to bring on a trip, this is by far the easiest way to convert and transfer them to your Nokia phone (if you have other video files you want to convert, read our article on converting video for the Nokia N900 using Handbrake).

Create a Dedicated iTunes Playlist

One way to easily control what is transferred from iTunes is to create a dedicated playlist (File > New Playlist). Give it a name you can easily remember, for example, “Nokia transfer.”

video transfer arrow

Click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar, and select “Device settings…” On the Audio tab, select your new playlist to be included in the transfers.

Now simply drag and drop iTunes music, podcasts and videos into your new playlist. Any necessary format conversions are taken care of by the Nokia Multimedia Transfer application if you configured it as we described earlier.

Transfer Manually

You can transfer files wirelessly using Bluetooth, but it is faster via a USB cable.

itunes playlist

When you click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar in OS X (look at your computer screen, near the clock), you can choose “Connect and Start Transfers…”

If your phone is connected via a USB cable, the transfers start immediately.

If you are not connected, the application waits for you to connect a cable, or you can select the option to connect via Bluetooth.

Transfer Automatically

You can transfer videos, music and images automatically when your phone is connected. We prefer this method, and it is very simple:

1. Click the Nokia Multimedia Transfer icon on the top bar, and select “Device settings…”

auto transfer arrow

2. Under the General tab, you can check the option to “Start transfers automatically when device is connected.”

The computer then takes care of the whole process for you, including file format conversion if you have specified (see earlier steps above).

In our opinion, the Nokia Multimedia transfer tool makes music, image and video transfer easy if you want to use iTunes for Mac with your Nokia phone.