Which Martial Arts Style is Best?

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The question, which martial arts training is superior, isn’t a difficult one.

The answer is, in fact, personal preference. This is because all martial arts training is beneficial. It simply depends on how much someone is willing to practice. All martial arts training improves coordination, confidence, discipline, and physical fitness. At a higher level, martial arts training can also increase awareness and mental stability.

There is a saying, “To achieve the mental strength one must overcome the physical training.”

Many people today realize that training Judo, Karate, Aikido, Kung Fu, or Tai Chi offers relief from stress, in addition to the physical and mental benefits. Although martial arts have been around for thousands of years, their lessons are timeless.

Use the Internet to research the different martial arts classes available, and find the one that most interests you. Many self defense schools permit you to observe classes or offer those interested a free trial lesson. Have fun learning about the many fascinating styles, and consider all the positive aspects of the martial arts style you decide upon.

Martial Art styles:


Judo means the gentle way. You learn how to fall properly first as you are taught how to roll forwards, backwards, and sideways. You progress through throwing techniques based on leverage and position. Foot throws are also a part of the Judo practice sessions, as well as a variety of choking holds.


There are many styles of karate, the art of empty-hand fighting. In essence, you learn blocking, punching, and kicking techniques. It’s most important to learn the proper stances before learning the different blocks, punches, and kicks. Repetitive practice is the key to developing a solid foundation. Mental discipline is acquired through consistent training.


Aikido means the way of harmony. This martial arts style teaches you to use fluid, circular movements to defend yourself. You also learn to roll properly so that you can break your fall smoothly. Weapons training is an interesting part of this fascinating art. Stances and footwork need to be mastered to progress in Aikido.

Kung Fu:

Kung Fu is Chinese karate. There are many styles of Kung Fu. Bruce Lee helped popularize this form of Chinese self-defense. He actually invented his own style of Kung Fu known as “Jeet Kune Do,” meaning the way of the intercepting fist. Kung Fu is based on the method wild animals use to defend themselves.

Tai Chi:

A fluid art form that promotes a relaxed approach to achieve physical and mental fitness. Tai Chi is favored by the elderly. The concentration level involved, along with the slower pace while practicing, is actually suitable for all ages. It focuses on inner harmony and natural expression of oneself.